Skinni Chicken Fillets x 10 (170g)

Skinni Chicken Fillets x 10 (170g)

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Skinni Chicken Fillets x 10 (170g)
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10 x Fillets (170g each) 10

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High Protein Low Calorie Chicken 

With our Skinni chicken fillets, you won’t find any of the water or protein fillers that prevent chicken from browning in the pan or cause the white residue that has no business being there. Just 100% premium, high protein low calorie chicken breast filet so that you can enjoy low-fat ,fuss-free eating.

Chicken breast is often dismissed as bland in both the taste and texture departments. One of Britain’s most popular meats, it has those ‘oh no, not again…’ connotations.

Decent chicken is a far cry from not so decent chicken, as anyone over the age of 30 can attest to. It has a full flavour, of chicken surprisingly enough, not the queasy blend of fish pellets and egg that is often all too apparent in overproduced mass market poultry.

If texture is a concern, then you’ve either had the wrong chicken or are doing it wrong.

As usual, technique is key. Putting a chicken breast into a hot oven will not reveal a beautifully tender roast.

Using any of the methods outlined in the cooking instructions, chicken breast should be firm yet tender with a fine grain. Cooked en point, it will yield no juice (unless you prefer it that way), yet not feel dry or stringy. It goes without saying that there should be no trace of pink juice or flesh.

Put chicken breast firmly back on the menu with our high protein low caloriechicken breast fillets. High in protein, low in fat, ready for you to create a little kitchen magic.

Did you know the amino acid tyrosine, found in abundance in chicken, can enhance concentration and boost mental ability?

Nutritional Values (per 100g of sold product)

Energy- 438KJ / 105kcal

Fat- Max 2g

Of which saturates - 0.6g

Carbohydrate- 0.5g

Of which Sugars- 0.0g

Protein- 22.2g

Salt- 0.0g

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