Skinni Black Pudding x 4 (50g)

Skinni Black Pudding x 4 (50g)

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Skinni Black Pudding x 4 (50g)
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4 x 50g Slices 2-4

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As a regional food, there are numerous variations on black pudding, but one striking dissimilarity needs pointing out. For the naysayers, it is usually the pieces of fat within black pudding (the fact that it is a blood pudding aside) that are so off putting. And indeed, much English black pudding is in that vein. Made from pork, with the requisite pieces of fat, this is the black pudding many are familiar with. Scots black pudding, on the other hand, is made with beef and is an entirely smoother, more homogenous creature. Skinni black pudding, in the Scots tradition, is made with lean cuts of beef and oatmeal and is offal free (without organs). Seasoned with a traditional spice blend, and with only 1.6% fat, Skinni black pudding has its health credentials intact.

A great source of low fat protein, rich in iron and potassium, our Skinni black pudding also comes with the slow release carbohydrates of oats. That’s going to fill you up and keep you satisfied until the next meal. And that sounds super enough for us.

There was controversy early in 2016 when it seemed that every news source on the planet was hailing black pudding as the new superfood. We even wrote a blog post about it ourselves. It turned out that the original claim was not sufficiently researched, yet the nutritional benefits of black pudding, in particular our Skinni black pudding, must not go without mention.

Nutritional Values (per 100g of Sold Product)

Energy - 718 KJ / 169 kcal 
Fat - 1.6g 
Saturated Fat - 0.5g 
Carbohydrate - 20.6g 
Of which sugars - 2.1g 
Protein - 18.1g 
Salt - 1.4g

Beef, Water, Oats, Haemoglobin Powder, Rusk (Contains Wheat Flour, Salt, Raising Agent E503ii) Spices (Black Pepper, Allspice), Salt.

For allergens, please see the ingredients in bold.

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