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Enjoy a Skinni summer

So the great British summer is almost here and with it comes the wafting aroma of all things grilled. The sly come on of sizzling sirloin steaks, or the sheer simplicity of barbecued sausage sandwiches, do not make sticking to a low fat diet particularly easy. Burgers and kebabs, all designed for hand held bready eating, don’t make avoiding carbs any easier either.

With more Skinni range products available than ever before, next day delivery, and plenty of suppliers across Scotland, staying Skinni for summer has never been this good. Personal eating foibles are de rigeur these days and nobody cares if you rock up to that beach barbecue with your own Skinni burgers clutched in your slender hands.

The entire Skinni range, with the exception of curries, will cook on the barbecue just as well as indoors. Just make sure that they don’t dry out; without the fat that keeps food moist, meat can overcook quite quickly. On the upside, when it comes to barbecue, there won’t be any nasty fat flare ups either.

Here’s a quick guide to getting the most from Skinni BBQ

Skinni slice

Skinni slice may have many uses but is best served, true West Coast stylie, in a bread bun slathered in brown sauce. Cook over a medium-high heat, rub the bars with a little greased paper towel to prevent sticking and flip after 5-6 minutes. If it does stick, loosen it gently with a spatula fairly early on in the game.

Skinni links

Skinni links will benefit from regular turning over a medium grill, and the last few minutes over the cooler side of the grill. Try serving with some low fat, or non-mayonnaise, slaw and grilled corn cobs.

Skinni pudding

Nor really something you would find on the BBQ, but pretty useful all the same. Whether you opt for Skinni haggis or Skinni black pudding, the slices only need a few minutes on either side to heat through and brown up. Chop into chunks and toss through a leafy salad or enjoy a campfire breakfast.

Skinni meatballs

You will need a slightly lower heat for the heat to penetrate all the way through the meatballs so go for a medium to low heat and move to the cooler side for the last few minutes cooking. A homemade BBQ sauce or tomato sauce will work great for dipping and bring a bit of moisture to the party.

Skinni chicken stuffed with black pudding

A popular weekday Skinni dish, when the occasion needs more than a sausage or burger. These fillets need about 8 minutes either side over a medium heat, turning regularly so that the heat penetrates the surface without drying the chicken out. You could wrap in foil for 5 minutes before serving to ensure it stays moist and cooks right through.

Skinni burgers

What would a BBQ, indeed life, be without a burger? If you go low carb as well as low fat, then you can ditch the bread bun in favour of a large lettuce leaf or some other veggie type wrap, but if you want to stay classic then now is the time to do it. Grill for about 5 minutes on each side over a medium high heat and serve.

Skinni beef olives

You won’t get these as tender than in a low and slow braise, but they will still perform well on the BBQ. Keep the heat medium so that they cook all the way through and serve them as an interesting take on a hot dog. Or serve with a hot tomato sauce and a baked potato with salad.

Skinni kebabs

You could push these kebabs onto skewers for easy grilling and eating, or just put them on the grill as they as are. Go for a medium high heat, and about 5 minutes on each side. They are seasoned but you could brush the kebabs with sauce for the final minutes of cooking; hot and spicy for the pork, or BBQ style for the beef. Pile into wholemeal pita with lots of veggies and fresh herbs, or serve with a cous cous salad or wheat free tabbouleh.

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