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How to enjoy Mexican food healthily


This week the US celebrates Taco day – a whole day dedicated to their favourite tortilla wrapped dish!  Mexican food is hugely popular in the States and has grown massively in the UK in the last decade.  Mexican cuisine is certainly one of my favourites, and fajitas, nachos and tacos are always popular with the whole family, but is it the healthiest choice?

When I think of Mexican food I think cheese, fried foods, sour cream and refried beans…not exactly friends of the healthy diet!  So how can you enjoy this delicious and varied cuisine without straying from your diet?

  • Choose your Starter carefully
    Mexican cuisine may be famous for its delicious starters, but many of them are fried and loaded with cheese…but not the soup.  Mexican soups are usually vegetarian and many are gluten free.  A great way to get your 5-a-day with something tasty and filling.
  • Be clever with your order
    If there’s no cheese or sour cream on your plate to start with then you’ll be less tempted to have them!  If your dish comes with a stack of condiments, ask for less or none at all when you order and then you can polish off your plate guilt free.
  • Avoid Fried Foods
    Chimichangas, gorditas, taquitos, and the chocolate covered churros for dessert are all best avoided.  Choose non-fried tortilla options like soft tacos, tamales, enchiladas, and burritos, and try pinto or black beans instead of refried beans to cut back on those calories.
  • Choose Vegetables
    Most Mexican restaurants will grill or roast their vegetable options, and offer plenty more vegetarian choices than many other restaurants.  Load your burritos with vegetables instead of rice, or choose a veggie chilli option instead of full-fat mince.
  • Choose your meat
    If the vegetarian option doesn’t do it for you, then consider choosing lean meat options when you cook at home like our Skinni Mince, and reduce your calories without losing out on the flavour.
  • Choose Your Tortilla
    If you’re cooking at home, try a whole grain or corn tortilla option rather than the heavier white choices to pack some great grains into your dinner.  Or go gluten free with a lettuce wrap!

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