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How to have a ‘Skinni’ BBQ


If you’re desperate to dust off the barbeque and enjoy some classic BBQ food, but you’re worried about eating healthily, we’re here to help you have the best of both worlds.  Whether you cook it inside or outside, here are our top tips for a Skinni BBQ this summer:

  1. Forget fatty burgers and sausages
    Barbeque doesn’t have to equal fatty, greasy foods.  Choose fish, chicken, vegetables and even fruit instead.  And of course, there’s always the Skinni range of burgers and sausages which are delicious when cooked on a BBQ.
  1. Choose better meat
    Choosing the best cuts of meat to barbecue is an easy step to cutting back the fat.  Choose pork loin instead of ribs; or lean steak rather than a burger and remove the skin from your chicken for some quick and simple ways to make a big difference.
  1. Use marinades and rubs
    If you’ve chosen a very low fat meat, why not marinade it before cooking to help it stay tender?  Make your own rub or marinade, or buy one from a good quality butcher, as supermarket ones can be high in salt.
  1. Think kebabs
    Kebabs let you be imaginative, and combine the foods you love, but in a portion controlled way.  They help you to eat slower, and take the time to enjoy the range of tastes.
  1. Say no to store-bought sides
    By pre-planning rather than panic buying, you can steer clear of processed, high calorie, supermarket coleslaw and potato salad and make your own low fat options to enjoy with your BBQ bounty.
  1. Choose a lighter drink
    When you’re eating at home, it can be tempting to overdo it on the alcohol.  When you are pouring your own measures and know you won’t be driving it can be easy to drink more than you usually do.  To steer clear of the empty calories, try to alternate your alcoholic drinks with non-alcoholic ones, or try a spritzer or a shandy to dilute what you are drinking.
  1. And you can still say ‘yes’ to dessert
    A fresh fruit salad and some yoghurt is a great choice for summer days.  Or, when the charcoal is dying down, put some unpeeled bananas, wrapped in tin foil on the coals for about 10 minutes for a delicious banana dessert.

If you’ve got any top tips on how to keep your BBQ Skinni this year, comment below or drop us a note on Facebook.



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