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How to have a Skinni fry up


Fry up and diet aren’t two words that you’ll often see together, but having a healthy fry up isn’t as difficult as it may sound. Thanks to the Skinni breakfast pack, and a few small tricks to reduce the overall calories you can have a fry up that is healthy, packed full of protein and if you’re on Slimming World can be Syn Free!   Making it a great treat for the weekend or hearty meal after your morning workout.

The Skinni breakfast pack has all your favourites, whether you prefer square or link sausages, black pudding or haggis, and of course no fry up would be complete without bacon!  The breakfast pack contains all of these so that you can vary what’s in your breakfast and you’ll never be bored.

How to make your fry up

For a classic fry up of sausages, bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes, fried potatoes, eggs and beans simply follow these instructions.

Preheat your grill and boil your potato (1 medium potato per person). Grill your sausages and bacon until they are cooked through. While your meat is cooking add your mushrooms, tomatoes and potato (sliced) to a pan with a little bit of spray oil and fry until the veg is soft and the potatoes are golden brown.

Heat your beans, cook your eggs your favourite way (remember, only spray oil if you are frying) and put it all together on a plate and there you have it, the perfect fry up!

Want to make sure you keep your fry up healthy? Follow these top tips:

  • Grill your meat instead of frying
  • Use leaner meat options that are low in fat and high in protein
  • Use spray oil or cooking spray instead of real oil
  • Swap your white bread for a slice of wholemeal when making toast
  • Try a poached or boiled egg instead of a fried egg
  • Instead of ketchup or brown sauce use the sauce from baked beans or some tinned tomatoes


The slim but mighty Skinni Range Breakfast Pack is protein rich, low in fat and includes all your breakfast favourites. If you want to find out more you can see what’s included here.

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    • I am interested in purchising and trying some of these foods. I am a slimming world member and have heard a few people mention them.
      Would i be better ordering on line, or is there a stockist in west lothian, with a good selection?
      Thank you.

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