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How to match fruit with meat


In Summer it’s easy to get your five a day; fruit looks juicy and cool and inviting.  Come Autumn, the appeal wears off.  Curries, casseroles and pies are much more interesting!  So how about sneaking some fruit into your daily dinner?  Here are some classic meat and seasonal fruit pairings to help you make healthier choices without even trying:

  1. Pork and Apple
    The classic meat/fruit combination. This coupling owes its popularity to the fact it goes so incredibly well together that people probably consider it more strange when you don’t serve apple sauce with a pork chop!  Spice it up a bit with some cinnamon in your apple sauce, or roast the apples along with your pork for super tasty caramelised flavours on your plate.
  2. Ham and Pear
    The classic summer combo of ham and pineapple may be out of season, but as pears get sweeter they become the perfect partner to ham. Pears don’t hold up well in a casserole, but become delicious grilled and served with sliced ham, or added to a salad.
  3. Beef and Clementines
    Stay with me, I promise I’ve not lost my mind, orange is not just for duck. Asian inspired beef recipes complement the sweetness of clementines beautifully.  Make a classic orange sauce and add some red chilli for spice, and turn a simple beef stir fry into something spectacular.
  4. Turkey and Cranberry
    Another classic, so why relegate it to a single meal every year?  Stuff a rolled turkey breast with cranberry, or add some bacon or brie and make a club sandwich that is sure to get everyone excited.  This simple, inexpensive meat and fruit combo seems like an indulgence just because it’s ‘supposed’ to be kept for December, but we say – get stuck in from September onwards!

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