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Skinni’s Healthy Bonfire Night Treats

November 3, 2016

Everything that we love about Autumn comes together on 5th November.  Getting wrapped up and enjoying the crisp night air; watching fireworks displays and seeing bonfires lit; and (of course) enjoying the food that goes with it… As with all our Nation’s great celebrations, the food that this season is famous for does not go well with a healthy diet.  Sticky sausages, toffee apples, gingerbread and steaming hot chocolate.  If you fancy enjoying all the Autumn foodie delights without breaking the calorie bank – here are our top tips for Bonfire Night treats. (more…)


How to enjoy Mexican food healthily

October 12, 2016

This week the US celebrates Taco day – a whole day dedicated to their favourite tortilla wrapped dish!  Mexican food is hugely popular in the States and has grown massively in the UK in the last decade.  Mexican cuisine is certainly one of my favourites, and fajitas, nachos and tacos are always popular with the whole family, but is it the healthiest choice? (more…)


How to match fruit with meat

September 22, 2016

In Summer it’s easy to get your five a day; fruit looks juicy and cool and inviting.  Come Autumn, the appeal wears off.  Curries, casseroles and pies are much more interesting!  So how about sneaking some fruit into your daily dinner?  Here are some classic meat and seasonal fruit pairings to help you make healthier choices without even trying: (more…)


Think outside the lunchbox – healthy lunches for kids (and grown ups!)

August 24, 2016

School’s back…and that means evenings and mornings are suddenly a lot more hectic.  Taking the time to pack a decent lunch for every member of the family is not an appealing idea for tired parents at the end of the day, but there are a lot of benefits to it. (more…)