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Skinni curry night; go for it

So. Curry night. Let’s face it, everyone has one even if it isn’t a weekly rite of passage for us all. A hard week at work, catch-up TV calling your name, and the local Indian takeaway on speed dial. For most of mere mortals, this is our version of the spa. It is how we switch off; a brief respite before climbing back on the treadmill of life.

But when you put so much time and effort into slimming and looking gorgeous, do you really want to blow it all on one mega spicy, creamy, oily binge? Probably not, but a Ryvita or three doesn’t quite have the same effect. And everyone knows that spices are really good for you, mentally and physically. Luckily, we have the same problem so created our fabulous Skinni curries.

Skinni tikka masala

The popular one. Ever perennial tikka masala is transformed into a dieter’s dream with low fat creamy sauce. Spicy, yet rounded, this delivers the best of both worlds; mild and creamy, yet with a subtle kick.

Skinni chicken korma

The creamy one. Not just loved by those who prefer less heat, korma is a creamy cuddle of a curry. A hint of spice, and plenty of creamy richness without the calories. Made with low fat yoghurt rather than cream and almonds.

Skinni chicken jalfrezi

The adventurous one. With a fresh bite and pungent depth, jalfrezi is all about rich curry without the caress of cream. Tangy and spicy, this is for the serious curry lover.

All Skinni curries come with a whole red chilli. Pop it in whole whilst simmering for a little extra edge, or chop it up and throw in the lot if you like a bit of fire.

Onion bhajis, naan bread and poppadoms may be off the menu, but you can always spice up curry night in other more forgiving ways. Basmati rice is lower in GI than other rice, and the wholemeal version is still fluffy and fragrant. Make some quick and fresh vegetable sides such as mushroom bhaji, or sag aloo, with a handful of fresh vegetables, chopped ginger and garlic, and a healthy handful of fresh coriander.

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