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Skinni’s Healthy Bonfire Night Treats


Everything that we love about Autumn comes together on 5th November.  Getting wrapped up and enjoying the crisp night air; watching fireworks displays and seeing bonfires lit; and (of course) enjoying the food that goes with it…

As with all our Nation’s great celebrations, the food that this season is famous for does not go well with a healthy diet.  Sticky sausages, toffee apples, gingerbread and steaming hot chocolate.  If you fancy enjoying all the Autumn foodie delights without breaking the calorie bank – here are our top tips for Bonfire Night treats.

Slow roasted meat

Leave the frozen burgers for someone else, and enjoy some pulled pork in a roll.  If it’s cooked properly, you can enjoy lean, grease-free meat that’s so tasty it doesn’t need mountains of sauce to make it palatable!  If pork isn’t your thing, try pulled beef, or even slow-cooked, shredded chicken for a delicious, warming food you can eat while you watch the display.

Sizzling Sausages

Sausages don’t have to be the enemy of your diet.  Our Skinni range of beef and pork links are perfect to fill a hot dog, and so tasty the family won’t know they are low fat!  See the full range here.

Sauces and sides

Tasty meat doesn’t need lashings of sugary ketchup.  Try some homemade tomato relish instead, or fresh salad to top your roll.  Roast some onions instead of frying them for a delicious topping, or make up your own coleslaw for a fresh contrast to all the meaty flavours.

Whatever you decide to serve on bonfire night, make it cosy and comforting.  Have a safe and fun night!


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