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Beef is the granddaddy of all meats and lies at the heart of our Skinni range. We have lots of ways for you to incorporate lean beef nutrition into your diet, without worrying about the fat content. The fat in beef is not always visible as external fat. You may be able to remove the fat from around that sirloin steak you are enjoying (that’s if you have the willpower to do so) or the Sunday roast, but many cuts of beef have pockets of internal fat known as marbling. These fat pockets may keep the meat moist but it won’t do much for your calorie intake.

We use only the leanest cuts of beef in our Skinni range, so that you can enjoy all the benefits of red meat without the fat. A nutritional powerhouse, beef has long been associated with strength and was once prescribed to restore the health of those in convalescence. In many traditional diets, it still is. In the western world though we tend to pick up on the negatives far more than we pay heed to the positives, and the scaremongering of the perils of red meat overlooks the positive nutritional benefits that it can bring.

It is no longer acceptable to conjure up a picture of male strength and virility in connection with something that we all eat yet there is some truth in the matter which cannot be denied. Beef nutrition is an excellent source of zinc, an antioxidant mineral.

Lean beef is also a rich source of iron. Haem iron to be precise. Haem iron is found in animal sources, whilst non-haem iron is found in plants. The iron from meat is said to be more bioavailable than that from plants. This means that more of the iron that you eat will actually be absorbed into the body, where it is essential for transport of oxygen. Not only is it vital for energy metabolism, but also for removal of waste and toxins too. One of the most common dietary deficiencies, a lack of iron can lead to anaemia, symptoms of which are tiredness and fatigue. Particularly prevalent in women, who need twice as much iron as men, it could be that the low bio availability of iron from plant sources plays a part.

Another common deficiency is known as B12 anaemia. Again, the symptoms show up as tiredness, fatigue and brain fog. Something that most of us suffer from and attribute to the pace of life in the computer age. Essential for the creation of healthy blood cells, vitamin B12 is only found in animal sources; in particular red meat. Beef is one of the best sources around.

So, lots of reasons to include beef as part of your balanced approach to eating. And as we have seen, our Skinni range is a reliable source of lean beef which takes the guesswork out of calculating fat content or portion sizes. As if that weren’t enough, it is also designed to support your busy lifestyle with quick and easy ways to prepare delicious low fat high protein meals.

Why not take a look at our Skinni range beef, as there is sure to be something delicious to suit your taste buds and your lifestyle; from slim and slinky beef sausages to the leanest beef mince on the block.

Perhaps you want low fat alternatives to your favourite foods? If it is burgers that you can’t resist then our Skinni burgers, in classic or sweet chilli, are a Godsend. If, like most people who would gnaw off their toes for a good burger, that means bread buns and condiments then you can go for it safe it the knowledge that the low-fat content alone is enough to make a big difference to your calorie intake. And if you don’t do bread, then that’s just fine too.

Next up, has to be sausages. Weekday favourite, breakfast favourite, after-the-pub favourite, where would we be without the great British banger? Slim and healthy, some may say. But with our Skinni Beef Sausages you can laugh in the face of the moral high ground and enjoy all that good grub without the guilt. Go mash, made with actual potatoes, or boost up the nutrients by adding root veg. Or ignore the much-maligned white tubers and head for the bright vital orange of sweet potato instead. Conjure up an in-vogue sausage shakshuka with a rich tomato sauce and baked eggs. Throw in a handful of spinach for some extra green get up and go.

Whether you are familiar with it or not, our Skinni Slice is a force to be reckoned with. Best for when you really need a little carbohydrate indulgence, served in a white roll with brown sauce, our low fat high protein Skinni Slice is the direct route to a Scots heart. Anyone’s heart really, and at less than 2% fat it really is heart healthy. Served as part of a high protein breakfast, with antioxidant tomatoes and potassium rich mushrooms, it will set you up for the day in the best way possible.

But our Skinni Range eef is not all about those comfort food favourites. Our Skinni Mince is much leaner than any low-fat mince you will find at the supermarket. Short of grinding your own mince, which is not entirely practical even for the most dedicated of cooks, you are at the mercy of the powers that be. Supermarket lean mince is typically 5% fat. The best we have found for lean beef mince (apart from our own) is 2.5% fat. Our Skinni Beef Mince is only 1.6% fat. We're not boasting, but...

Explore our range of Skinni beef right now and see if you can’t get with the Skinni today.

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12 Item(s)

  1. Skinni Slice x 4 (75g)
      Serves Price
    4 x Slice (75g each) 4
  2. Skinni Range Braw Beef Pack
      Serves Price
    42 Lean Cuts 10+
  3. Skinni Beef Olives x 4 (70g)
      Serves Price
    4 x Olives (70g each) 4
  4. Skinni Sweet Chilli Burgers x 2 (113g)
      Serves Price
    2 x Burgers (113g ea) 2
  5. Skinni Burgers x 2 (113g)
      Serves Price
    2 x Burgers (113g each) 2
  6. Skinni Slice x 2 (75g)
      Serves Price
    2 x Slice (75g each) 2
  7. Skinni Slice x 10 (75g)
      Serves Price
    10 x Slice (75g each) 10
  8. Skinni Beef Sausages x 4 (55g)
      Serves Price
    4 x Links (55g each) 2-4
  9. Skinni Beef Kebabs x 3 (90g)
      Serves Price
    3 Skinni Kebab (90g) 3
  10. Skinni Mince 400g
      Serves Price
    400g Skinni Mince 2-4
  11. Skinni Beef Balls x 6 (40g)
      Serves Price
    6 Meat Balls (40g each) 2-3
  12. Skinni Peppered Beef Steaks x 2 (105g)
      Serves Price
    Skinni Peppered Beef Steaks (105g each) 2

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12 Item(s)