Slim but Mighty Skinni Range Breakfast Pack

Slim but Mighty Skinni Range Breakfast Pack

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Slim but Mighty Skinni Range Breakfast Pack

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If there is one thing that most people agree on, it is the power (and utter joy) of a cooked breakfast. A full Scottish in our case. And yours too, once you’ve tried our Skinni haggis. Yet breakfast can be the downfall of many, with way too much saturated fat for one meal. Do that every week, or even every day, and you may well be heading for trouble.

The Skinni breakfast range has long been the saviour of slimmer’s, but a lean breakfast is there to be embraced by all. Three types of lean low-fat sausage; square aka slice, beef, and pork. Skinni haggis, and Skinni black pudding. Add eggs, plus plenty of mushrooms and tomatoes. Maybe a few peppers and onions too. Now that’s breakfast. And it’s all low fat. Just don’t fry it in lard.

One more thing…we even throw in some back bacon. Because we know.

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