Skinni Range Slim Pack

Skinni Range Slim Pack

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Skinni Range Slim Pack

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The only thing that’s slim about our Skinni range slim pack is going to be you. A massive 12 packs of Skinni range low fat meats, delivered right to your door. That’s a big box, fairly bursting with delicious low-fat cuts of meat, ready for you to enjoy.

We have chosen the pick of the Skinni range, with many of our super slim weekday wonders, because we know how difficult it can be providing a healthy high protein meal each day of week. Not to mention finding flavourful low-fat options. Our Skinni mince is the lowest fat that you will find anywhere and leaves you free to create those weekday favourites such as cottage pie without worrying about the fat content. The Skinni super slim pack includes 6 portions of our high quality, low fat chicken breast too; perfect when you want to be a bit more hands on in the kitchen.

For the days when you want the comfort of a truly home cooked meal, but with the benefit of auto pilot, our Skinni beef olives are ideal. Chop up some veg, add a bit of stock, and bake in the oven. Dinner is served. Likewise, our low-fat beef meatballs. You could grill ‘em up, and serve as is, but when the nights are drawing in you probably want something a little more…unctuous. Think thick glossy tomato sauce, rich with soft meatballs and served over pasta. A no-brainer when you have our Skinni super slim pack to hand.

So, why not think ahead to those winter nights and let Skinni inspire you into some proper comfort cooking? Or you could just throw a few Skinni sausages in the oven and head for the sofa. Choice is always yours.

Our Skinni Range is all hand crafted, in house, by our team of award winning butchers. Made with only the leanest cuts of beef, they deliver on flavour but without all of the fat. Make the most of our value packs.

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