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Extra Lean Skinni Range Pork With Loads of Protein

Pork has received a mixed press over the years. This is because there is tons of protein in pork! Once marketed as the other white meat, a misleading concept if ever there was, it is actually red meat with all its attendant benefits. Then there is the widespread view that pork is fatty. Another misnomer. As part of a protein rich diet, pork sits somewhere in the middle. It could be said that it offers the best of both worlds.

Traditionally, a pig had a lot of visible fat. This made it the ideal choice for those rearing their own meat as it lent itself readily to methods of preservation. Hams, sausages, black pudding and bacon all exist because of this fatty layer. Pork does have internal marbling, but not so much as other red meats such as beef and lamb. Not many of us rear our own meat and pork is now bred to be a much leaner, fitter source of protein.

Our Skinni range has been at the forefront of the move towards leaner cuts of pork, especially when it comes to those perennial favourites such as sausages. The slimmer’s choice for many years now, Skinni Pork Sausages provide all of the flavour of a traditional pork link, but with much less of the associated fat. Less than 2g of fat.

But our quest for health now goes beyond mere weight loss, although keeping within a healthy BMI range is certainly a major factor within our food choices. We aim for optimum nutrition that keeps us at our personal best; whatever that may be. And protein continues to lead the way on this quest.

The lean protein of the pork Skinni range delivers a whole host of benefits. The major plus point of any animal protein is the amino acid profile. The building blocks of protein, and the key component of everything that controls our biological processes, amino acids drive our very existence. All meats contain every essential amino acid, with virtually the same profile, but the good stuff does not stop there. The vitamin and mineral content of meat differs greatly between type. Pork is the richest animal source of vitamin B1, or thiamine. Essential for glucose metabolism, vitamin B1 helps to regulate blood sugar and efficient use of carbohydrates as an energy source.

You may be familiar with the mineral selenium, often touted as brain food. The recommended source of selenium is usually brazil nuts, yet 100g pork contains as much of this vital mineral as 6 brazil nuts. With far less fat, and therefore calories. Including Skinni Range Pork in your diet can contribute to cognitive health. An important factor in the fight against dementia and general cognitive decline.

But the benefits of our Skinni Range Pork go well beyond the exemplary nutritive content. Man does not after all eat purely for health; something which can be both a blessing and a curse.

Here in Britain, although we are getting far better at sourcing ingredients and taking time to prepare them ourselves, convenience is a key factor in deciding what goes on the dinner table. We want food that requires little attention from us, yet with the goodness and flavour that comes from fresh ingredients.

Getting your portions right is a big part of healthy eating, yet the days of scales and calculators (despite the growth of tools to aid us) are long gone. We don’t want to work out how much of that pork chop we can eat without overstepping our boundaries, or to calculate how many miles to run to burn off a sausage. Food that is portioned, and then labelled, tells us all we need to know. Eat, enjoy, move on. Our Skinni range had loads of protein in pork and all you have to do is fill the rest of the plate with fresh fruit and vegetables. Make room for some wholegrains or other carbohydrates if that is the ethos you follow.

And it’s not all about sausages either. Our Hot 'N' Spicy Pork Kebabs are ideal for dinnertime. The kind of thing that you can grill and throw together with a big salad, bursting with vitality. With a hot and spicy seasoning to ramp up the flavour, Skinni Pork Kebabs can be on the table in under 10 minutes.

Yet another low fat high protein solution for a speedy meal time fix is our Skinni Pork Meatballs. Again, ready in under 10 minutes, you could serve them grilled to perfection with a simple dip and a salad. Or toss them in a tomato sauce, add some fresh herbs such as coriander or parsley, and serve over couscous or rice. You could even come over all Swedish and serve with gravy. And these are just a few ideas; incredibly versatile, why not give our Skinni Pork Meatballs a go?

When it comes to speedy cooking, the jewel in the crown of Skinni Range Pork must be our Skinni Pork Steaks with Chinese style glaze. Thinly sliced lean pork steaks, bursting with the aromatic flavours of Asia, they just need a quick sear on a hot grill or pan to be ready. A couple of minutes on each side and they are good to go.

Don’t forget those slimming Skinni Pork Sausages. Perfect as they are, all year round, with all the flavour of a full fat porkie, they make an excellent autumnal dish with rich tomato sauce and haricot beans. You could add in other Skinni products and come up with a kind of Skinni cassoulet.

We have plenty of ideas for making the most of your Skinni meals in our ever-growing recipe section so why not come over and take a look? It is never too late to get Skinni.

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  1. Skinni Pork Sausages x 4 (55g)
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    4 x Links (55g each) 2-4
  2. Skinni Pork Mince 400g
      Serves Price
    400g Skinni Pork Mince 2-4
  3. Skinni Range Perfect Pork Pack
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    28 Lean Cuts 10+
  4. Skinni Pork Kebabs 90g x 3
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    3 Skinni Kebab (90g) 3
  5. Skinni Chinese Pork Steaks x 2 (105g)
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    Skinni Chinese Pork Steaks (105g each) 2
  6. Skinni Pork Balls x 6 (40g)
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    6 Pork Balls (40g each) 2-3

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