Skinni Special Packs

Save Money, Save Calories, Eat Well.

See for yourself the enormous number of essential nutrients that a varied mix of low fat meats contains. From the importance of the protein itself (all essential amino acids in one small package for instance) to the important vitamins (B group anyone) and even those vital minerals that can make all the difference to optimum health.

But the best thing of all? You can get now get your hands on our time saving, cost cutting, joy bringing multipacks. That’s all your Skinni favourites, delivered to your door, in deliciously large quantities. No more cravings for Skinni korma that remain unfulfilled until the next day. No more hair tearing because someone stole the last of your Skinni slice. This is being prepared; Skinni style. Like the girl guides but way more interesting. It is stocking up, and NEVER running out.

Do you like it when you can save up to 20% on something that you most likely will buy anyway? Of course, you do. Even those as rich as Croesus enjoy a bit of penny pinching now and again. Good value? Never a bad thing in our book.

How about a gorgeous grill pack? It’s worth it for the name alone. 10 freshly packaged products from our Skinni grill range. There is nothing easier than cooking up these big flavoured beauties. Throw them on the grill, toss together some sort of salad, and you are good to go. And just in case you didn’t catch it the first few times; there is no quicker way to weight loss than lean protein served with vegetables. And yes, that includes salads. Crispy, crunchy, full of natural flavour, no need to cook, throw together salads. You heard it here.

One of the best things about our Skinni range is breakfast. Yep, sausages, black pudding, bacon; that kind of thing. The stuff your mother warned you about. Well ha, take that. Not only is breakfast Skinni style most definitely on the menu, but you can indulge to your hearts content with our breakfast multipack. Our Slim but Mighty Skinni Breakfast Pack. 10 slices of Skinni slice aka square sausage. Pork sausage, beef sausage, black pudding and haggis; all of it Skinni, with less than 2% fat. Oh, and bacon. There has to be bacon; super lean back bacon. Stash it in the freezer for whenever you get the urge for a high protein low fat breakfast (like, everyday) or invite all the neighbours round for a fantastically filling feast. Mushrooms, tomatoes, poached egg; with a fat content, this low you could probably throw in the odd hash brown. But we don’t advise fried bread. Leave that one in the archives of bad taste.

So, you’ve got your easy peasy stash of Skinni grill to make weekday kitchen stress a thing of the past. And, enough Skinni breakfast stuff to feed the whole street. Still got room in the freezer? Good, cos there’s more.

Our Skinni Slim Pack and our Skinni Weekly Pack both offer all our Skinni mealtime favourites in one money saving bumper pack. And with next day delivery you can get stuck in straight away. There’s Skinni Mince and Skinni chicken, for the days when you feel like getting creative in the kitchen.

Even with store bought mince, some of your tried and tested failsafe’s such as cottage pie can be off the menu.

Luckily Skinni Mince is super super lean so you can make one dish for the family and know that everybody will benefit.

Skinni Beef Olives or Skinni Meatballs may take a little longer to cook than our gorgeous grill range, but cooked in a rich tomato sauce and served with mash or couscous they make the perfect cold night comfort food, without the high fat intake. Go for Friday night burgers, Saturday morning sausages, and Skinni stovies for a Sunday supper.

Scared you might run out of ideas? Fear not, our recipe section has plenty of great ideas for cooking up a storm Skinni style; including our famous Skinni stovies recipe, made with Skinni slice.

Something particular in mind? Then take advantage of our mix and match 12 pack choose your own Skinni pack. Pick any 12 products you like. Pretty straightforward huh?

So, if you’ve committed to a healthier new you, then stock up on Skinni today and never get caught short again.

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  1. Skinni Range Fantastic Free Delivery Pack
      Serves Price
    83 Lean Cuts 10+
  2. Skinni Range Classic Chicken Pack
      Serves Price
    20 Lean Cuts 10+
  3. Skinni Range Braw Beef Pack
      Serves Price
    42 Lean Cuts 10+
  4. Skinni Range Super Sampler Pack
      Serves Price
    29 Lean Cuts 10+
  5. Skinni Range Slim Pack
      Serves Price
    47 Lean Cuts 10+
  6. Skinni Range Weekly Pack
      Serves Price
    37 Lean Cuts 10+
  7. Skinni Range Gorgeous Grill Pack
      Serves Price
    22 Lean Cuts 8-10+
  8. Skinni Range Mix and Match 12 Pack
      Serves Price
    Choose 12 Packs 10+
  9. Slim but Mighty Skinni Range Breakfast Pack
      Serves Price
    26 Lean Cuts 6-7
  10. Skinni Range Perfect Pork Pack
      Serves Price
    28 Lean Cuts 10+

Set Descending Direction

10 Item(s)